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  • Chain for Palki Sahib with Multicolour DiamondsChain for Palki Sahib with Multicolour Diamonds

    The excellent quality necklace from Sikh Essentials is absolutely stunning. The locket is constructed of high-quality metal, and there are multiple chains that secure the heavy khanda locket perfectly.

  • Triple Layer JhoomerTriple Layer Jhoomer -34% Off

    Brass is used for the creation of this stunning item. It contains beautiful pink beads and crystals dangling from it, as well as multi-color diamonds embedded into the umbrella-shaped metal base. It’s a three-layer composition. Jhoomer or Chabba Sahib are two other names for it.

  • Swords and Shield SetSwords and Shield Set

    A lovely set from the Sikh Essential decor accessories range is known as the dhal and talwar set, which has beautiful metal art patterns. It has two swords piercing the shield. The hilt of the sword is golden and dhal or the shield has a golden eagle (baaz) symbol, right in the middle.


Pieces of excellent craftsmanship

The products we create are meticulously crafted to provide outstanding quality that meets your needs.