Stunning Kirpan with Wooden Sheath


An absolute masterpiece with metal engraving on both the sheath and the hilt, this kirpan is designed to specifically bring out its gorgeous look. The wooden sheath and metal hilt of this kirpan is crafted by the best Indian craftsmen.

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An amazing Sikh Essentials’ Kirpan is an amazing collectible and is often used as an accessory during ceremonies. This decorative kirpan, also called kataar, or khanjar, has been handcrafted. Uniquely designed kirpan’s hilt displays a tiger’s face, which is one of its best features.

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  • Premium Quality Product
  • Handcrafted

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Dark Brown – Golden


12 Inches


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Stunning Kirpan with Wooden Sheath

Stunning Kirpan with Wooden Sheath