Chattar Sahib with Pink Beads


Sikh Essential presents this wonderful Chattar Sahib Ji, which is also known as Jhoomer and Chabba Sahib. This stunning piece has multi color diamonds engraved but has maximum pink beads.


This stunning artwork is one of the finest artefacts created by the finest Indian artisans. On the top, there are multicolored stones or diamonds engraved, followed by maximal pink beads, and finally crystal beads. Its overall appearance is enhanced by the colour scheme employed. It has a single layer and is usually hung beneath the chandoa sahib. Material used in making this jhoomer/chattar sahib brass.

Product Details

  • Premium Quality
  • Durable
  • Handcrafted

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Multicolor, Pink


5 Inches


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Chattar Sahib with Pink Beads

Chattar Sahib with Pink Beads