Gold Plated Brass Kirpan


Designed particularly for its beautiful look, this is an absolute masterpiece with metal engraving on both the sheath and the hilt. The sheath is handcrafted by the best Indian artisans.

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This amazing Sikh Essential dagger or Kirpan is unique collectible and is often used as an accessory during ceremonies.An interesting aspect of this dagger is that it is entirely handcrafted. The blade, hilt, and even its sheath are engraved, making it a exotic piece. Another fascinating feature of this kirpan is the Khanda symbol on the blade and the roaring tiger face on the hilt.

Product Details

  • Made of kamani iron
  • A high-quality finished product
  • Features renowned metal art

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9 Inches


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Gold Plated Brass Kirpan

Gold Plated Brass Kirpan