Golden Chattar Sahib/ Jhoomer


Chattar Sahib Ji, also known as Jhoomer and Chabba Sahib. This stunning piece is crafted from brass and features silver diamonds engraved into it, giving it a royal appearance.


Sikh Essential’s Chattar Sahib or Jhoomer has an exquisite feel to it, and the gold colour denotes grandeur. This magnificent work of art was created by the best Indian artisans. The golden brass metal base at the top is carved with diamonds, and a brass chain hangs down. It has a traditional and lovely look to it. It has just one layer and is often hung under the chandoa sahib.

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  • Premium Quality
  • Durable
  • Handcrafted

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4.75 width


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Golden Chattar Sahib/ Jhoomer

Golden Chattar Sahib/ Jhoomer