Golden Metal decorative Khanda Sahib Ji Idol


Khanda Sahib is one of the most beautiful symbols in the world and this idol comes adorned with diamonds outlined with red colour that contrasts and enlivens the golden colour. Khanda sahib ji is a sacred idol that is best placed on the dashboard of a car, in a mandir, or given as a gift.



Sikhs use this idol of Khanda Sahib to symbolize the fundamental concepts of their religion. The name of the symbol comes from the double-edged sword (known as the Khanda) that appears in the center of the logo. The double-edged sword represents Divine Knowledge, its sharp edges cleaving Truth from Falsehood. The circle surrounding the Khanda represents the eternal perfection of God. Two multi-curved swords — the Kirpans — surround the Chakar. These swords are a symbol of Meeri and Peeri, the temporal and spiritual authority introduced by Guru Hargobind.A Khanda sahib ji idol can be displayed on car dashboards, in one’s home mandir, and even gifted to persons.

Product Details

  • Finest diamond work
  • Handcrafted
  • Suitable for Car and home pooja room
  • Religious Idol

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3.5 Inches


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Golden Metal decorative Khanda Sahib Ji Idol

Golden Metal decorative Khanda Sahib Ji Idol