Gurbani Radio


The Gurbani radio is a must buy product from Sikh Essentials’ range. Besides providing you with peace and relaxation, it makes a perfect gift for your parents. It includes gurbani tracks, paths, kirtan, and more.



The pre-assigned buttons on Sikh Essentials’ Gurbani Radio make it simple to play gurbani music. Nitnem, Sukhmani Sahib, Kirtan, Dhadi Vaaraan, and Sampooran Sehaj Paath are among the gurbani featured. This player allows you to listen to radio as well as play gurbani tracks. It can be used for personal listening or given to parents as a present. It is easily portable and has USB port. Battery is used to play this gurbani player.

Product Details

  • Easily Portable
  • Well designed Product

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Gurbani Radio

Gurbani Radio