Kirpan With Hunting Lion Carvings


The hilt of this kirpan is made of brass and has hunting lion carvings on it and side brass chain. The design of the wooden sheath adds to the glory of the kirpan. A kirpan resembles a knife or a sword.

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This kirpan is 36 inches long. It has a pretty designed wooden sheath. It is made with the Kamani type of iron, having an unsharp blade. The brass hilt of the kirpan has a hunting lion carving on it and a side brass chain. The word ‘kirpan” comes from two Punjabi words: ‘kirpa’ means an act of kindness, a favor; and ‘Aan’ means honor and self-respect. The carvings of a lion on the kirpan not only enrich the look but are most suitable to the meaning of kirpan. As lions are a symbol of a compassionate, strong, and dignified personality.

Product Details

  • Handcrafted
  • Brass hilt with hunting lion carvings
  • 36 inches long
  • Side brass chain on the sheath

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Kirpan With Hunting Lion Carvings

Kirpan With Hunting Lion Carvings