Magnificent Taksali Kirpan


A magnificent sheath and an iron hilt contribute to the splendour of this Kirpan from Sikh Essential. Its sheath has a unique pattern and a golden black colour scheme. Because of its distinct shape, it is known as taksali kirpan, which distinguishes it from other kirpan.

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The kirpan serves two purposes: one is to serve as a defensive weapon, and the other is to serve as a symbol. When all other techniques have failed, a kirpan is used to avert violence against a defenceless person. It is exclusively for defence and represents the guru or actual lord. It’s also part of Guru Gobind Singh’s religious mandate. On its sheath, it features an artistic design with steel.

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9 Inches


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Magnificent Taksali Kirpan

Magnificent Taksali Kirpan