Martyr Deep Singh Ji’s Wooden Showpiece


The Sikh essential wooden art depicts Baba Deep singh ji in natural colours of wooden brown and yellow and in the center of the designer wood frame is one of the most revered martyrs of the Panth.



One among the most prominent Sikh martyrs is Baba Deep Singh Ji. He founded the Shahid Misl (group) and was the first head of the oldest Sikh institution, the Damdama school of learning. His memento reminds us of his devotion to the Gurus and the sacrifices he made for khalsa. Placing his statue or idol at work is thought to bring dedication and devotion.

Product Details

  • Excellent quality product
  • Religious Idol and Figurine
  • Made from Wood
  • Handcrafted

Additional information


Brown and Pale Yellow


3.5 Inches


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Martyr Deep Singh Ji’s Wooden Showpiece

Martyr Deep Singh Ji’s Wooden Showpiece