Pech Kawach with Wooden Hilt


This Pech Kawach is constructed of iron and is a must-have for any collector. Its blade is protected by a sheath covered in black leather with silver metal accents at the top. The dagger’s hilt is constructed of both iron and wood.

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The blade of the Pech kawach is constructed of Kamani (Iron). Sikh Essential offers a large choice of Kirpans made with the highest quality materials and patterns. The hilt is composed of wood and iron and is quite elegant. It has a black leather sheath with silver metal accents on top to enhance its appeal.The literal meaning of Pech Kavach is “pierce the armour”. Pesh means to pierce and kavach means armour. As the name implies, Pech Kavach daggers were used to pierce the armour of an enemy.

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  • Premium Quality Product
  • Handcrafted

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Black – Silver


12 Inches


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Pech Kawach with Wooden Hilt

Pech Kawach with Wooden Hilt

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