Silver Plated Chaur Sahib Ji


One of the most beautiful pieces of chaur sahib Ji with a silver metal handle giving it a truly elegant look. It has a complete metal art design and nylon hairs mounted.



Hand-waving chawars/ chaur sahib is made from ultra-soft hair with a long metal handle that is extremely easy to grip. Chawars are immensely used for poojas in temples; in homes and near the statue of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Fanning the divya chaur represents respect for the scripture. The chawar is used as a symbol of reverence and dedication by sikh devotees.

Product Details

  • 11 inches Long
  • Made from Metal
  • Well designed Product
  • Made from Nylon
  • Used for religious purpose

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Silver Plated Chaur Sahib Ji

Silver Plated Chaur Sahib Ji