Stainless Steel Kirpan 35 inches long


This stunning piece of kirpan is made with stainless steel and lace covered sheath. It is also known as Sword (talwaar). This is one beauty that you must add to your collection of swords. The strong and alluring finishing to this handcraft, adds the light to the aura of its holder and undoubtedly a noticeable charm to his presence.

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The 35 inches long, handcrafted royal Indian Kirpan, decorated with lace-covered sheath. The finishing is excellent. Kamani, which is a type of iron, is used in it. The blade is unsharp, fitted with a stainless steel hilt. The weight is 900 grams approx.

Product Details

  • Handcrafted
  • Made with stainless steel and unsharp blade
  • Decorated with lace covered sheath
  • 33 inches long and weighs 900 grams



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Stainless Steel Kirpan 35 inches long

Stainless Steel Kirpan 35 inches long