Wooden Sikh Symbol Khanda Sahib


Featuring a perfect finish and long-lasting material, this incredibly beautiful art piece by Sikh Essentials glorifies the beauty of the Khanda Sahib with the right colour combination. It includes a stand and a background to support it.



Sikh Essentials creates unique handcrafted decor products. The entire artwork is applied to the piece with different colours, adding elegance and taking care of its durability. A Khanda symbol emerged in the early 20th century to represent the basic beliefs of the Sikhs. The Khanda combines two ideas: the belief in one God and the friendship that binds people together. Placing the symbol is believed to bring forth courage and strength in an individual’s life.

Product Details

  • Decorative Wooden Artpiece
  • Suitable for Car Dashboard
  • Easy to Install
  • Weight approx 50-70gm

Additional information




2.5 Inches


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Wooden Sikh Symbol Khanda Sahib

Wooden Sikh Symbol Khanda Sahib