Multilayer Pink Chattar Sahib


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This amazing piece by Sikh Essentials is made of brass. It has multi-color diamonds cut into the umbrella-shaped metal base, as well as gorgeous pink beads and crystals dangling from it. It is also known as Jhoomer or Chabba Sahib.


Sikh Essentials’ Jhoomer / Chattar Sahib has a rich feel to it, and the multicoloured blend emanates grandeur. This magnificent work of art is created by the best Indian artisans. At the top, multicolor diamonds are engraved into a golden brass metal base, while pink and golden crystals hang down. It has a multilayer and is usually hung beneath the chandoa sahib. Six more little jhoomers are connected to the main Jhoomer in a pattern.

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  • Premium Quality
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  • Handcrafted

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12.50 Inches


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Multilayer Pink Chattar Sahib

Multilayer Pink Chattar Sahib