Sikh Essential’s Decorative Khanda Flag


It is considered highly auspicious to place this beautiful khanda flag on car dashboard, pooja rooms, tables and office desks. Sikh Essential has crafted this flag with great care and respect, ensuring the quality.



This saffron colour flag with the khanda symbol is decorative and auspicious, and it can be displayed on the dashboard of a car as a showpiece figurine. The Khanda is a symbol of Sikhism consisting of: a double edged sword, the Chakkar, which represents God without beginning nor end, reminding Sikhs to stay within the rule of God.

Product Details

  • Decorative Religious Idol
  • Suitable for flat Surfaces
  • Can be easily installed
  • Weight 25 gm

Additional information


Saffron Colour Flag


4 Inches


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Sikh Essential’s Decorative Khanda Flag

Sikh Essential’s Decorative Khanda Flag