Classic Kirpan with Khanda Sahib Ji


An exquisitely crafted kirpan with a very high level of craftsmanship. This kirpan comes with a beautiful silver steel sheath that shows the Sikh doctrine Deg Tegh Fateh in an emblematic form.

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A spiritual kirpan from Sikh essential features the Khanda emblem. On the sheath, the Khanda symbol is engraved in silver metal, followed by some unique carvings above and below. This high-quality kirpan has a stylish hilt and comes with a silver brass chain. It is perfect for anyone taking Amrit, or as a gift.

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  • Handcrafted
  • Premium Quality Product

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Silver – Black


8 Inches


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Classic Kirpan with Khanda Sahib Ji

Classic Kirpan with Khanda Sahib Ji